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Some Wonderful Letters from Parents

Below, I’d like to share some letters from parents that inspire me to keep writing (bloody) books:

I do not have a question, I just wanted to thank you. I am the mother of a 12
year old that is not a strong reader due to ADD/dyslexia, and I feel because
of that has decided that reading is boring. I have tried all sorts of books
and just can’t seem to find the book that clicks. I came across “A Tale Dark
and Grimm” and asked her to give it a try. Due to her dyslexia it took a few
weeks, but she read the entire thing! Better yet, she asked if there were
more! I went out and bought the next book with the same results and then
bought your third book, again she finished the entire thing and her reading
seemed to be getting better and a little faster. Though devastated there are
no more of your books to read, she has started reading other books on her own
without me having to make her do her nightly reading for language arts home

I’m sorry to take up so much of your time with my long winded letter, but I
just can’t thank you enough for your incredibly written books that clicked
with my daughter and opened the door to a whole new world of endless
possibilities of magic and adventure that books can give us. The greatest
thing that your books gave her was the confidence to read, and a sense of
accomplishment as she finds herself becoming a better reader with each page
she turns. She is anxiously awaiting another one of your books to read and
hopes that you may be working on something! Thank you again Adam, for sharing
your gift and changing my sweet little girls world!


Kind regards,



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